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Pinched Nerve

What can cause a pinched nerve?
  • Subluxation or spinal misalignment: one of the vertebrate is misaligned and irritates the nerve next to it
  • Disc degeneration: due to subluxation or loss of motion the discs can dehydrate meaning the space between the vertebrae gets smaller which puts pressure on the exiting nerve
  • Disc Herniation: increased or abnormal pressure on spine
What are common signs?
  • Numbness or decreased sensation
  • Sharp/aching pain
  • “Pin and needles”, tingling sensation
  • Muscle weakness in affected area
  • “fallen asleep” of muscle
What type of exercise can help pinched nerve pain?
Child’s pose
  • Start with sitting on heels on a mat, with tops of feet flat on the floor
  • Lean body forward until it meets the thighs
  • Extend the arms forward, above head, with hands flat on the floor
  • Hold for 30 seconds
Side bends
  • Start in standing position with straight posture
  • Gently stretch lower back by leaning to left and right
  • Perform 5 side bends for each side of the body
Torso twist
  • Start in a sitting position
  • Place left hand on right knee and pull body to gently twist torso and stretch back muscles
  • Hold for 5 seconds and repeat on the opposite side

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