Chiropractic Care for Frozen Shoulder Winnipeg

Frozen shoulder

What can cause frozen shoulder?
Frozen shoulder is a disorder that starts with connective tissue around the shoulder joint start to harden. This typically occurs naturally.
What are common signs?
  • Movement of shoulder are painful
  • Shoulder irritated
  • Range of motion decrease
What type of exercise can help frozen shoulder pain?
Lying down flexion:
  • Lay flat on back, legs are straight so body forms a line
  • Relax arms at side of body
  • Lift injured arm vertically in air and backward to the floor with help of healthy arm
  • Reach until stretch is felt
  • Repeats 5-10 times
Standing extension: (need a light bar or cane object)
  • Stand and hold a bar horizontally behind body
  • Arms about shoulder width apart while knuckles face towards the ground
  • Lift the arm in upward movement until stretch is felt
Cross body stretch:
  • Sit or stand
  • Both arms are relaxed at sides of body
  • Bring affected arm across chest while healthy arm holds it across chest
  • Hold for 15-30 seconds

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